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Alien study

January 15th 2015 10:44
In a six-hour nap on one of the two mini-sofas in the Big Boss workplace, I have woken as often as three times and on each occasion – as I stand, stretch, turn around several times, and resettle – I have seen the Big Boss sitting in his chair. Awake. He stares at a panel which emits an eerie, flickering light. His forepaws are restless, like he is running in his dreams. But he’s awake ... Read the full Zoomies post here.

The roo and the rotty pup

January 4th 2015 20:54
How do you say ‘fun’ in kangaroo? See the answer here.

The chaser

January 2nd 2015 22:39
Straight dog with a greyhound chaser. Read the Zoomies post here.

In defence of wallabies

January 2nd 2015 01:54
Don’t let anyone tell you wallabies are unintelligent. Read the Zoomies post here

Wet dog smell

October 4th 2014 00:17
Bugger the rain ... Read the Zoomies post here.

Mystery of the kitchen kidnapping

October 1st 2014 22:12
kitchen kidnap
Who kidnapped my sweet, innocent kitchen funnel? Read the Zoomies post here.

Precautionary strategy

October 1st 2014 00:44
Scratchy uses some big words. Read the Zoomies post here.

Reckon we need to shift that croc, Mick

September 29th 2014 11:17
Territorians, we call them in Australia. You know the type. Think tough. Think action. Think Crocodile Dundee. Read the Zoomies post here.

Blowfly, yum

August 30th 2014 23:23
Australian blowflies are fat, slow things, like a glue-sniffing Jumbo jet. Read about Scratchy's way of dealing with them here.

The case of the two missing dogs

August 29th 2014 20:28
Night-time mystery. Read the Zoomies post here to see if I can find my dogs.

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