FAQ | Questions and Answers

What does it cost?

You often see free live streaming services however these are often unsafe, illegal and the quality is most of the time very bad. This is why it is worth getting a real streaming account instead - With the providers we list on Greyhoundzoom.com you can rest assured that you're getting the best services available. Most providers only require you to create an account and credit it with a symbolic amount in the order of £1 to watch greyhound live streaming. You may also be interested in other sports or racing events? With an account you will never have to worry about missing an important game or a decisive greyhound race for example. Get unlimited access to your favorite sports - Get your subscription today!

How does our live streaming work?

Streaming is a way of saying "watching it on internet". Just like popular video services such as Youtube, streaming uses the same technology more or less to bring you content to any device that has an internet connection. The main difference is that the streaming we talk about here on our page is live, meaning that you are actually watching the races as they are happening in real time. The advantage of streaming is that it is often much less expensive for providers to stream than to broadcast it on TV for example - This passes the savings on to you so you can watch live streaming at a fraction of the cost while still retaining an excellent image quality.