Greyhound Racing Betting & Streaming

William Hill


William Hill is a good option to consider for greyhound racing live streaming


A slight time delay on the stream. Quality is superb though.


Free - just stake £1 on any race you want to watch


With over 15,000 employees spread throughout UK, Gilbraltar, Bulgaria and Israel William Hill is yet another huge gambling institution that has established itself as one of the leading companies within the industry. They are listed on the London Stock Exchange since 2002 however it was founded by William Hill himself back in 1934 during the pre-regulation days. The first retail outlet was opened in 1966 and ever since then the company has grown into the William Hill we know today. The founder died a year after his retirement, in 1971.

Nowadays, they have over 2,350 betting shops in the UK and in Ireland. This represents roughly 25% of the total market, which is why they claim to be the leading European online gambling and sports betting business. Their online platform is available in 25 different languages and they also run a dial-a-bet operation which gathers around one million registered accounts. Simply put, this is one massive all-encompassing bookmaker.

Greyhound racing live streaming

It has to be said that you will not find a single provider that will stream all the UK and Irish greyhound races. This is because the broadcasting rights can change from race to race, it is therefore an excellent feature that you only need to place a small bet in order to watch a race. So one can easily create accounts on several bookmakers and thus get access to most if not all greyhound live streaming. However, with William Hill you can often get access to Live commentary if the race is not available as Live stream, we know it’s not the same but it can be very useful if you are away from your PC.

Greyhound racing bet types offered

If there’s an official greyhound race anywhere in the UK or in Ireland you can trust that you will be able to bet on it on William Hill. The website is made in such a way that you can search by bet, by track and even by dog. It’s very quick and easy to pick your racecards and you can choose between ‘Quickpick’ and ‘Through the card betting’.

Website usability

Like most bookmakers, William Hill website is very much saturated with content which can make it slightly hard to find your way around. However, you will most definitively find what you are looking for. Even though the page feels cluttered, the main events are always highlighted and displayed on top which makes it easier.

Reviewer’s verdict

All in all, William Hill is a more than decent bookmaker, in a way you sacrifice a bit of money (as other bookmaker’s promotions might be better) but what you don’t gain on promotions you do gain in regards to security and performance. Their encryption software is some of the best in the business. Definitively worth a try.

Promotions, free bets and bonuses

Being the bookmaker that it is, William Hill does not offer the best bonuses out there, probably because they rely mostly on their reputation to attract new clients. Despite this, they do offer a free bet of up to £25 which basically means that they will match any bet you make 100% so that you can play your first bet risk-free. They also offer promotions that are specific to certain betting programs or platforms. For example you get your money back on some football related bets if the game ends in a draw. The most interesting part is surely their Best Odds Guaranteed on all UK and Irish Greyhound races. This pretty much says it all for this bookmaker. If you want the best odds for Greyhound this is the bookmaker for you. You can also expect there to be special Money Back Specials and other eyebrow-raising promotions for most big racing events. It’s noteworthy to say that this is also valid for horse racing.

What are their prices like?

As said you only need a very small bet in order to stream a race but where’s the fun in that? With their Best Odds Guaranteed offer you can always rest assured that you are buying into the best possible product. If you think about the welcome bonuses and the other promotions that are also available you’ll probably start seeing the huge advantages this bookmaker has to offer.

Customer service and contact methods

You can always rely on William Hill customer services in order to answer any inquiry you might have. They of course have Live Chat running 24 hours a day wherein you can chat with an employee, you may have to wait a minute or two before you get a reply but they will always do their best to give you the best possible answer. Do remember that only customers with active account have access to this feature. Despite this the preferred contact form is by email as they have more time to answer you, your best option however is to ask simple questions through the chat and more complicated questions through email. Phone – 0800 085 6296 Post – William Hill Customer Service, 6/1 Waterport Place, Gibraltar Despite their well performing live chat there is still room for improvement for example a better FAQ section and better response times would be appreciated.

Deposit / withdrawal

As you may expect pretty much all forms of payments are available, whether it’s credit card, online bank or even pre-paid vouchers. You can always check if your preferred method of payment is available at the bottom of the William Hill page. The minimum deposit is £10, for the big spenders this bookmakers accepts, for some methods, deposits of up to £100,000! Be wary though that even though there is no fees associated with most methods and that most are processed instantly there can be differences according to which payment method you have chosen.