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The first custom built greyhound stadium and where the first ever race was held around an oval track in 1926, Belle Vue is where UK greyhound racing originated. This 4,300 capacity stadium, famed for its exciting action and vibrant atmosphere, hosts greyhound race meetings every week of the year. It is also the home to two major classic races in the greyhound calendar, The English Oaks and Laurels.

Track overview Belle Vue

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Track Distances

The track is 395 metres in circumference. The distances raced are 237, 465, 465H, 647 and 875 metres. The run to the first bend is 103 metres (465m), 72.50 metres (647m).

Principal Races

Belle Vue Bookmakers Gorton Cup; Colin Harney Northern Oaks; Ben Holms Northern Flat; Keith Swain Manchester Puppy Cup; GRA Stayers Grand; Strongbow Cider Gorton Cup; Dransfield Stayers; Belle Vue Bookmakers Northern Oaks; Wafcol Cock O' The North; Carling Manchester Puppy Cup; Carling Stayers Grand; William Hill Laurels.

Race Days

Wednesday afternoons, Friday and Saturday evenings and Sunday (from 11.00am).

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Sunday 13, August 2017